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Traditional Sour Spicy Soup
Traditional Sour Spicy Soup
250 gr
Tofu cheese, cucumber, tomato, wood mushrooms, egg
88 uah
Tom Yam
Tom Yam
250 gr
Tom Yam pasta, shrimp, squid, tomato, lemon, cream
168 uah
Homemade Chinese Rice Noodle Soup with Meatballs
Homemade Chinese Rice Noodle Soup with Meatballs
250 gr
Rice noodles, beijing cabbage, pomidor, mushroom village, meatballs
88 uah
Hun-dong with tiger prawns
Hun-dong with tiger prawns
250 gr
Shrimp, chicken dumplings, cucumber, seaweed, pesto
148 uah


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Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Chinese soups: an urgent must try!

Traditional Tom Yam sup is generally familiar to everyone when it comes to Chinese cuisine. But a few are actually familiar with other Chinese soups, and the team of the Bruce Lee restaurant is confident that this is an annoying mistake that has to be urgently fixed !

We also live in a crazy pace, and we know for sure that often you do not been have enough time for lunch, not to mention making the first course yourself. Today soups meet the risk of extinction, just like dinosaurs did! But we will not let them to – our couriers deliver hot Chinese soups all over Kyiv! And soon, very soon, having Chinese soups for lunch will become the habit of the majority of the metropolis residents, because the delivery of soups is convenient and tasty, especially when delivered from the Bruce Lee restaurant!

If you have discovered us by googling “Delivery of soups in Kyiv” and expect to see a standard borsch and broth in the menu, then a pleasant surprise awaits!

Chinese soups that cater to every taste

On the website of the Bruce Lee restaurant you can order a variety of Chinese soups that will be no less tasty than that very Tom Yam:

  • The Hun-Dong. This dish contains tiger prawns, chicken dumplings and … pesto! You immediately want to try this combination of flavors, right?
  • Rice noodle soup with meatballs. It is almost like vermicelli soup made by your mother, but prepared on the basis of traditional Chinese sauce with Beijing cabbage and tomatoes. Despite completely different ingredients, this soup still provides the same comforting feeling – it is magical!
  • The traditional sour and spicy soup, prepared by our chefs according to a secret Chinese recipe. Nobody knows how they manage to create such a variety of flavors from simple ingredients.

Well, of course you can also order the traditional Tom Yam from the Bruce Lee restaurant. Tom Yam with tiger prawns, squid and Tom Yam paste can be considered as “an emperor” among Chinese soups and it is ready to win the love of it’s loyal fans over and over again.

How to order soup delivery from the Bruce Lee restaurant in Kyiv?

You can place an order on our website in a matter of few clicks, by placing the dishes of your choice into the cart. Once the order is confirmed, our chefs start preparing your meals with fresh ingredients on our kitchen and promptly pass ready dishes to the couriers. The delivery to the center of Kyiv is free of charge! If you would like to order soup delivery to the left bank (Troeshchina, Poznyaki) or any other district of the capital that lies outside of the delivery area, then call our operators via (044) 353-12-23. They will find a way to get the food delivered right to your door immediately!

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