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Fried wood mushrooms
Fried wood mushrooms
250 gr
Wood mushrooms, carrots, oyster dressing
148 uah
Traditional Chinese appetizer “Eggplant with fish flavor”
Eggplant with fish flavor
250 gr
Eggplant, sweet pepper, wood mushrooms, sweet and sour sauce, spices
178 uah
Crispy Spicy Asparagus
Crispy Spicy Asparagus
250 gr
Asparagus, chili
138 uah
Rice chips
Rice chips
20 gr
Based on rice flour
78 uah
Homemade tofu with vegetables
Homemade tofu with vegetables
300 gr
Tofu cheese, wood mushrooms, carrots, onions
128 uah
Guangzhou Broccoli
Guangzhou Broccoli
300 gr
Broccoli, bell pepper, garlic, wood mushrooms
148 uah
Tofu Ma Po
300 gr
Tofu Cheese, Veal, Chinese Pasta
138 uah
Young bamboo shoots fried with mushrooms
Young bamboo shoots fried with mushrooms
200 gr
Bamboo, sweet pepper, wood mushroom, onion, champignon
158 uah


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Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Chinese snacks. Order the delivery right now!

The delivery of Chinese snacks in Kiev is an excellent solution for those who want to surprise their family and friends with unusual dishes, but do not want to spend half of their day by the stove!

Chinese snacks are always a great idea for any event, let it be a dinner with your family, a holiday with your friends or just a lunch at the office. Hot and cold snacks from the Bruce Lee restaurant are not mere appetizers, but full-fledged dishes that can become the main highlight of your feast.

What Chinese snack to choose?

The menu of our Chinese restaurant offers a variety of snacks. One of the most popular ones is multi-colored rice flour chips. They are so tasty and delicate that the main task becomes to stop right in time and remember to share it with the friends.

Crispy and spicy asparagus is another appetizer, deeply loved by our guests. Chili pepper makes this dish really hot! This appetizer is perfect for cool beer.

Original snacks in our menu that cater to every taste!

Those who prefer vegetable dishes, can order the delivery of the variety of snacks at the Bruce Lee restaurant:

  • Homemade tofu with vegetables. Wood mushrooms add sweetness to this dish.
  • Eggplant with fish flavor is, perhaps, the most mysterious hot appetizer. Its unusual taste will surprise even the most demanding gourmets.
  • Young bamboo shoots fried with mushrooms in oyster sauce and garlic. The flavor is just mind-blowing!
  • Guangzhou broccoli is a classic Chinese appetizer – strict and sophisticated, similar to the oriental culture.

In case you like the meat to be present in each and every dish, then ensure to add Ma-Fo tofu with veal and Chinese pasta to your order. And don’t forget to add the drink to your cart – the appetizer although tender, but spicy enough!

It is very convenient to order several appetizers from the menu at once and combine different dishes to make sets of snacks for any reception, birthday or hosting a large company gathering. Everyone will be able to try all the dishes and choose their favorites.

Chinese snacks delivery in Kyiv

The delivery of snacks by our couriers will save you from agonizing about the selection of delicious treats for the dinner! Fast delivery in Kyiv will save you if guests suddenly rush in, or you would like to surprise your loved one or if you decide to have a party and everyone is quite fed up with the beer snacks.

The delivery from the Bruce Lee restaurant is free of charge in the center of Kyiv. See the delivery map in order to confirm the radius of free delivery. If you would like to order the dishes from the Bruce Lee restaurant to the left bank, please, call our operators via (044) 353-12-23 or request a callback, and we will do everything for your Chinese treats to be delivered to your home or office as soon as possible!

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