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in the center of the city.

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Pineapple Chicken Breast
Pineapple Chicken Breast
300 gr
Chicken fillet, pineapple, sweet and sour sauce
178 uah
Duck in beer sauce
Duck in beer sauce
300 gr
Duck, beer, soy sauce
238 uah
Kung Pao Chicken with Vegetables and nuts
Kung Pao Chicken
300 gr
Chicken fillet, onion, sweet pepper, cucumber, walnut
178 uah
Crispy fried chicken thigh
Crispy fried chicken thigh
250 gr
Chicken thigh, nuts, chili peppers
168 uah
Peking Duck
Peking Duck
600 gr
Duck, leek, cucumber, pancakes, unagi sauce, sweet and sour sauce
1 198 uah


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Free delivery


Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Chinese chicken and other fowl dishes – the delivery is free

We value your time and are certain that food delivery is the best service available in the 21st century. First of all, it is very convenient, especially when there is a holiday or a romantic date coming, and you would like to spend more time on getting ready rather than cooking. And secondly, whenever ordering Chinese food delivery from the Bruce Lee restaurant you can be  sure about the exceptional taste and quality of each dish.

What is the dish that can certainly be considered as an ambassador of the Chinese cuisine?  That’s right, it is chicken in sweet and sour sauce with pineapples. Everybody likes it, young and old, and of course you can order delivery of sweet and sour chicken from our Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant!

What fowl dishes do we serve?

Do not rush to completing your order! Besides this very Chinese-style chicken there are many poultry dishes available on the menu, which are equally interesting and tasty. You must have heard about the traditional Peking duck, right? You can also order the delivery of this traditional Chinese dish right to your home or office! The duck is served with pancakes, vegetables and two sauces, and a large portion of 600 grams will be enough to serve several people at once. So, whenever getting together for lunch or having a Birthday party  consider ordering the Pecking duck –  Chinese people love it so much for a good reason!

There are also other poultry dishes on the Bruce Lee menu:

  • The duck in beer sauce. It has an unusual sweet taste with a bitter touch to it.
  • Kung-Pao chicken. This hot chicken got the rightful place in our menu’s favorites. Peanuts in combination with soft chicken breast in spicy sauce – it is truly finger licking good!
  • Crispy fried chicken thigh is perfect for those who wants to try some Chinese-style chicken without the sauce, but with traditional spices, peanuts and chili.

When ordering the delivery of poultry dishes, do not forget to add the side dish! Rice goes well with the chicken and duck. On top of that, in the “Pastry” section you can add traditional Chinese tortillas, that will be baked in the kitchen of the Bruce Lee restaurant by our chefs so that you will receive them hot. No wonder our delivery of the Chinese food in Kyiv is the best!

How to order the delivery of poultry dishes from the Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant?

It is very simple! You just pick the dishes from the menu, put them into cart and confirm the order. At this point our chefs will start preparing your order and couriers start the engines of their transport so that it will be delivered ASAP. We would like to remind you thet delivery to the center of Kyiv is free of charge!

In case you would like to to order dishes from the Bruce Lee restaurant to the left bank, then contact our operators via (044) 353-12-23, and they will help you to place the order correctly.

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