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in the center of the city.

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Jiaoji with Chicken and Shrimp
Jiaoji with Chicken and Shrimp
250 gr
Chicken, Shrimp, Ginger, Onion, Dough
158 uah
Baoji with pork
Baoji with pork
250 gr
Baoji dough, pork
128 uah
Jiaoji with pork
Jiaoji with pork
250 gr
Pork, dough
148 uah
Shrimp Baoji
Shrimp Baoji
250 gr
Baoji dough, shrimp
158 uah
Chinese tortilla
Chinese tortilla
150 gr
Flour, sesame oil, chives
58 uah


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Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Gourmet Chinese pastry: How to get it deliveredу

What do you know about Chinese pastry? What do you know about thin, crispy Chinese tortillas, the most delicate Jiaoji and Baoji? We know everything about it and are not only ready tell you more about traditional Chinese homemade pastry, but to prepare our best dishes at the Bruce Lee restaurant and deliver it directly to your home or office!

Our Chefs are native Chinese who know all the secrets of the national Chinese cuisine. They know how to prepare authentic Chinese dishes very well, so that you will be willing to try it again and again. Simply because it is incredibly delicious!

What are the types of homemade Chinese pastry?

Of course, when it comes to pastry, a fluffy, golden brown bun would appear in front of your eyes. But it has nothing to do with Chinese cuisine! Fluffy Chinese tortillas with sesame oil and crispy crust are Traditional Chinese pastry and simply essential for a hearty lunch.

All the dishes are being prepared by our chefs, therefore you can order fresh homemade pastry from the Bruce Lee restaurant and it will be hot when delivered.

The true gem of the Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant’s menu is Jiaoji and Baoji.

There are two types of Jiaoji available for order:

  • Jiaoji with chicken and shrimp
  • Jiaoji with succulent pork

Jiaoji are traditional Chinese dumplings, prepared by the top secret recipe of our master chef!  We can only guess how he manages to roll out the dough so thin and shape these gourmet Jiaoji.

Baoji are traditional Chinese steamed dumplings, very tender and healthy. You can choose the stuffing for the Baoji that you would like to try  in our menu:

  • Baoji with chicken and shrimp
  • Baoji with pork

How to order Chinese food delivery in Kyiv?

You can order a complete lunch, dinner or even a buffet on our website in just a few minutes! You need to choose the dish, put it in the basket and confirm the order. Our chefs will prepare your food immediately, pack it into the to-go boxes and pass it to the speedy couriers. The Bruce Lee restaurant performs the delivery in the center of Kyiv with no charge, so don’t hesitate – order traditional Chinese dishes, fragrant pastry right now and all this deliciousness will be delivered to you shortly.

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