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Sour - spicy potatoes
Sour – spicy potatoes
250 gr
Potato, chili pepper, spicy sauce
78 uah
Scallops with garlic sauce
Scallops with garlic sauce
270 gr
Scallops, rice noodles, garlic and oyster sauce
899 uah
Sweet little pig's neck in sweet and sour sauce
Sweet little pig’s neck in sweet and sour sauce
300 gr
Pork neck, sweet and sour sauce, Chinese spices
188 uah
Tiger prawns in spicy sauce
Tiger prawns in spicy sauce
300 gr
Tiger prawns, ginger, bell pepper, onion, chili pepper
498 uah
Jiaoji with Chicken and Shrimp
Jiaoji with Chicken and Shrimp
250 gr
Chicken, Shrimp, Ginger, Onion, Dough
158 uah
Hun-dong with tiger prawns
Hun-dong with tiger prawns
250 gr
Shrimp, chicken dumplings, cucumber, seaweed, pesto
148 uah
Baby Octopus in Thai Sauce
Baby Octopus in Thai Sauce
250 gr
Octopuses, cucumber, bell pepper, wood mushrooms
398 uah
Homemade Chinese Rice Noodle Soup with Meatballs
Homemade Chinese Rice Noodle Soup with Meatballs
250 gr
Rice noodles, beijing cabbage, pomidor, mushroom village, meatballs
88 uah
Lamb Ziran
Lamb Ziran
300 gr
Lamb, onions, carrots, spices
248 uah


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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Free Chinese food delivery in Kyiv

Today Chinese cuisine is one of the world’s most popular ones. It is not surprising really, since traditional Chinese cuisine combines dozens of fine flavors. Here in Bruce Lee restaurant, we offer a number of various positions on the menu, where the most demanding foodies won’t be able to resist fine cuisine created by our chefs.

The menu of Chinese food that even Bruce Lee won’t be able to resist

Are you already familiar with the mind-blowing taste of sweet and sour chicken? What about slight spiciness of the traditional Tom Yum with shrimps and squid? Do you know the delightful taste of traditional Chinese sour and spicy potatoes?  In this case proceed to the menu and order home delivery of your favorite dishes now. In case you are just getting familiar with the whole range of flavors of Chinese cuisine, we suggest to study each 

position listed on the menu: you will find complete list of the ingredients in the description.

If you urgently want to get some Chinese chicken or peking duck, then go to the “Chicken” menu section. Choose what suits you best today:

  • Tender chicken with pineapples
  • Bold and hot “Kung-Pao”
  • Delicate duck in beer sauce
  • Each dish Is a little flavorful masterpiece!
  • The “Sides” section consists of all-time favorites:
  • Vegetable egg-fried rice
  • Steamed rice
  • Sour and spicy potatoes


Are you willing to have some exotic Chinese food? Then you haveto explore the “Salads” section of the menu. Have you already tried our signature Vietnamese piglet ears salad? Or sweet and spicy, crispy eggplant salad? This is not a “summer” or even “Russian” salad: unexpected combination of the ingredients create true fireworks of flavors!

Perhaps Chinese seafood dishes is  the most popular page in the menu of our restaurant. Baby octopuses in Thai sauce, tiger prawns in spicy sauce or dorado in red sauce all made by the chefs of the Bruce Lee restaurant– you just have to try it once in order to be coming back for these dishes again and again.

When ordering Chinese food delivery of, check out our specialty – the “Squirrel” fish. Of course it is not a squirrel, but a zander with the taste as unusual as the name itself!

For meat lovers Bruce Lee restaurant serves many veal and pork dishes. For example, the legendary pork with fish flavor – everyone has to check it out at least once in a lifetime. For those preferring more spicy food we have some piping hot options:

  • Pork in spicy sauce
  • Lamb brisket on the bone
  • Sichuan spicy veal
  • Undercuts in red sauce.
  • Do not forget to order a drink for these dishes.


All the dishes are made of fresh ingredients in the kitchen of the Bruce Lee restaurant by our chefs: we do not use frozen or semi-processed ingredients! We make traditional Jiaoji, Baoji and Chinese tortillas ourselves. Therefore they remain hot and fragrant even when being delivered to the left bank.

The menu of the Bruce Lee restaurant consists of best dishes of Chinese cuisine, prepared by top chefs from China from an early age familiar with the traditional recipes. Therefore do not worry – the flavor of your favorite dishes will be exactly as you expect it to be!

By the way, if you feel an urge to have some Chinese food in the boxes, but can’t decide on what to choose – try to order dishes at random. You will see – you will definitely be satisfied! Each dish at Bruce Lee restaurant is unique. Moreover, our chefs cook in a way that makes it impossible not to fall in love with Chinese cuisine, no matter what you try!

The terms of Chinese food orders and delivery in Kyiv

You can order delivery from the Bruce Lee Chinese cuisine restaurant right to your home or office. By the way, our chefs are native Chinese who know all the secrets of cooking authentic dishes like nobody else. They will quickly and accurately prepare your order and convenient food boxes will shortly be at your table. More importantly, the delivery to the Kyiv city center is absolutely free, so you won’t have to pay any extra charges – jus for your order!

You just thought about food delivery when the restaurant’s courier is already rushing to deliver your order at the speed of Bruce Lee. That is the reason why we have the best Chinese food delivery in Kyiv!

It is very easy to place an order for food delivery with Bruce Lee restaurant – you merely sellect desired dishes, indicate the number of servings and confirm the order with one click! You can either pay for your order online or with the card via courier’s POS terminal. There is no need to use additional delivery services – we will deliver hot Chinese food right to your home or office.   

If you would like to place an order for food delivery to Obolon’, Left bank or call for a Chinese food courier to Poznyaki or Troeshchina, do not hesitate to call us via 044 353-12-23 – our operators will be happy to suggest on how to do it best.

What else do You need to know about Bruce Lee restaurant in Kyiv?

Few are aware that Bruce Lee restaurant was established thanks to an encounter of two restaurateurs, wholeheartedly in love with Chinese culture and cuisine, with a dream to share their passion with the whole world. By combining the efforts, they have established a brand-new and unique place in Kyiv – the Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant, which combines Chinese cuisine authenticity, European service quality and Ukrainian hospitality.

You can taste this unusual combination right now by placing an order for delivery on our Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant’s website.

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