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Fried squid with seafood sauce
Fried squid with seafood sauce
300 gr
Squid, broccoli, bell pepper, wood mushrooms, onions
298 uah
Baby Octopus in Thai Sauce
Baby Octopus in Thai Sauce
250 gr
Octopuses, cucumber, bell pepper, wood mushrooms
398 uah
Tiger prawns in spicy sauce
Tiger prawns in spicy sauce
300 gr
Tiger prawns, ginger, bell pepper, onion, chili pepper
498 uah
Carp fillet in spicy sauce
Carp fillet in spicy sauce
400 gr
Carp, Peking cabbage, tree mushroom, hot pepper
295 uah
Branded  fish "Squirrel"
Branded fish “Squirrel”
500 gr
Fish pike perch, sweet and sour sauce, spices
328 uah
Dorado in red sauce
Dorado in red sauce
300 gr
Dorado fish, ginger, veal, onion, bell pepper, spices
358 uah
Carp in Soy Sauce
Carp in Soy Sauce
500 gr
Fish carp, ginger, onion, veal, bell pepper
288 uah
Scallops with garlic sauce
Scallops with garlic sauce
270 gr
Scallops, rice noodles, garlic and oyster sauce
899 uah


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Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

The best seafood dishes with Bruce Lee restaurant delivery

The substantial part of the Chinese cuisine is seafood. Delicacies like scallops, squid and octopuses are not difficult to find in the menu of a modern restaurant, but few chefs can cook it correctly. Seafood is very easy to spoil – over-expose it on fire slightly, and you can turn a delicate food into the piece of rubber. Therefore, whenever you want to have delicious fresh seafood dishes, choose a restaurant carefully, or better order everything from the Bruce Lee restaurant, where professional chefs from China only work in the kitchen. They know exactly how to reveal the whole assortment of flavors of rare seafood and give it subtle and refined oriental  flavor!

Chinese seafood – sophistication and health

Seafood contains many vitamins and minerals, including iodine, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins E and B, calcium, iron and many other nutrients that benefit our organisms. It is not only very tasty, but also vitally critical!

The Bruce Lee restaurant has a large variety of seafood dishes that can be ordered for home delivery right now.

What seafood dishes is a must to try?

  • Scallops with garlic sauce! You will be charmed by the delicate taste of this dish;
  • Baby-octopus in Thai sauce – order this dish and you will surprise your family, for sure;
  • The branded “Squirrel” fish;
  • Carp in soy sauce.

The last two dishes are perfect for a company of several people. Both weight 500 gr and will be a perfect complement to a romantic candlelight dinner or a Birthday party with friends.

The benefits of these dishes shall not be dismissed! You can order home delivery of dietary seafood dishes from our restaurant. For example, fried squid with seafood sauce, broccoli, bell pepper and wood mushrooms is especially popular and finger licking good!

Our couriers perform a rapid delivery of our dishes in Kyiv, so that you receive your order hot and will be able to have your meal immediately.

How to order seafood dishes delivery from the Bruce Lee restaurant?

Fresh seafood order in Kiev is very easy! Choose the most delicious dishes that you like on our website, add them to cart and confirm the order. Done! Our chefs are already preparing your treats, and very soon the food will be delivered.

We would like to remind you that the delivery of the dishes in the center of Kyiv from the Bruce Lee Chinese restaurant is free of charge! Please, contact our operators via (044) 353-12-23 or request a callback if you would like your food to be delivered to other districts of Kyiv and we will ensure that your food will be delivered as soon as possible!

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