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Rice with vegetables and egg
Rice with vegetables and egg
200 gr
Steam rice, carrots, onions, eggs
68 uah
Steam rice
Steam rice
200 gr
48 uah
Sour - spicy potatoes
Sour – spicy potatoes
250 gr
Potato, chili pepper, spicy sauce
78 uah


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Free delivery


Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
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All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Delivery of side dishes: why is it necessary?

In the modern world we would often go for delivery, rather than spending hours by the stove, while preparing lunch or dinner. We also live at such a crazy pace, and therefore we know your needs very well – these are fast delivery and good food! Right? You can find all of this at the Bruce Lee Chinese cuisine restaurant. You merely need to place an order!

How to choose a side dish in the Chinese cuisine?

Probably you have already picked your main course since you have reached the page with the side dishes. We hope that you have checked the page with Chinese salads too! But let’s get back to the side dishes for now. Any of our side dishes will perfectly complement the main course whether it is meat, fish, seafood or poultry.

The traditional Chinese side dish is rice! We have two types of rice on the menu:

  • Plain steamed rice without spices and sauce
  • Egg fried rice with vegetables

Choose according to your taste – both of these side dishes goes well with all meat and fish dishes.

If you would like to go for something more unusual, then order Chinese traditional sour and spicy potatoes – it is delicious and crispy. Being roasted in spices with chilli pepper gives it a subtle hot flavor.

Delivery of Chinese side dishes: perfect dinner recipe

By ordering the delivery from our Chinese restaurant you will be able to set the table for the delicious dinner at home without the need to approach the fridge, surprise your guests with the taste of the food without the need to cook, or merely organize an evening of watching TV shows with the food in the take-out boxes with your other half. Chinese cuisine is also perfect for friend gatherings, special occasions, parties and other social events. You can arrange an oriental buffet with the dishes from the Bruce Lee restaurant, which will surprise your friends with the variety of flavors!

Side dishes delivery in Kyiv

The delivery in the center of Kyiv is free of charge. In order to check whether you are located within the delivery area of the Bruce Lee restaurant check the delivery map! If you would like your Chinese dishes to be delivered to another area (Obolon’, Poznyaki, Troeshchina, etc.) please call our operators via (044) 353-12-23 or request a callback and we will solve the problem of delivering our dishes to your home or office!

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