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We invite you to celebrate the Chinese New Year in our restaurant Bruce Lee

December 27, 2019

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Order can be paid by card online at
our website or through the terminal

Free delivery


Free delivery in the center of Kiev.
See delivery card



All dishes are prepared exclusively.
in our restaurant by the Chef personally

Free delivery of Chinese food at home in Kiev

Masterfully prepared sea and river fish, so much so that it is difficult to guess the taste of meat, if this is not included in the chef’s plan. There are cases when Europeans took well-cooked tofu for meat, or fish for poultry! There is even a legend about how the cook managed to appease the sophisticated gourmet emperor by preparing sea bass as if it were a “squirrel”.

Amazing Chinese-style chicken can be prepared in a thousand different ways, simply changing sauces and marinades to it, but the true Beijing Duck recipe is only one in every family, and it is passed down from generation to generation as one of the family secrets.

Ordering Chinese food at the office and at home

This is a great chance to join the ancient civilization and taste the food of its emperors at home, because here, in Kiev, we can afford a little exotic. Make an order for Chinese cuisine, appreciate the quality, freshness and amazing presentation of unusual Asian dishes. Surprise your guests with new interesting food, seafood and crispy tree mushrooms, which have a truly original, soft and fresh taste! Forget about banal food even for a day, taste unusual combinations of vegetables and sweet-sour sauces, seafood and home-made noodles, tender rice and fiery Squirrel fish!

We deliver food:

in the Goloseevsky, Darnitsky, Desnyansky, Dniprovsky, Obolonsky, Pechersky, Podolsky, Svyatoshinsky, Solomensky, Shevchenkovsky districts of the city of Kiev.

Dear customers!
If you have any complaints about the order, you can contact the quality control department by phone (044) 353-12-23 or by e-mail: We work from 10:00 to 23:00, on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 24:00

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